Based on the novel of Diana Wynne Jones, the same author of ‘Howl’s Moving Castle,’ Studio Ghibli announced its upcoming film Aya to Majo.

Ghibli’s first-ever 3D3G film is scheduled to release in the following months and for it, Miyazaki has plans to team up with his son Goro once again for the director roles, along with Toshio Suzuki, Ghibli’s famed producer.

The film follows the story of an orphan girl named Aya (changed from the book’s original name of Earwig) as she’s adopted by a witch and taken to her unsettling home.

The film will premiere on HNK in Japan this winter but stay tuned for more. Suzuki shared a statement regarding the public’s reaction to a film in the post-corona world: “I thought that a number of times while watching the rushes. Then I realized that one stand-out feature of the film is Aya’s cleverness. And if you are clever you can survive in any period of history. Thinking that, I felt relieved.”


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