Shoichi Aoki, legendary Japanese-born street-style photographer has unveiled a series of his vintage zine that documented an eclectic array of styles from the ‘80s – ‘90s. Titled Street, the released-from-the-archives-zine features issues 1 through 100.

Filled with sidewalk shots of vintage outfits on flea-market pickers, nightclub goers, futuristic ravers, and kilt-wearing punk rockers, the issues cover street styles from a span of major cities like New York, London, Paris, and Belgium, immortalizing some fashion trends. Some issues are only dedicated to important fashion shows, like Issue 44 documenting Vivienne Westwood’s iconic shows, while Issue 48 focuses on Jean Paul Gaultier’s.

You can shop the zines on Shoichi Aoki’s website which come either in sets of 10 for $30, or $278 for all 100 issues.

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