A painting titled The Journey of Humanity, by British artist Sacha Jafri, crowned the largest painting in the world, has recently been sold for $62 million in Dubai.

The Guinness World Record painting is located in the ballroom of the Atlantis hotel in Dubai. It covers 17,000 square foot and was created over a period of 28 weeks using over 6,300 liters of paint. The painting was split into 70 lots and was bought as a whole by French cryptocurrency businessman Andre Abdoune for $62 million, Reuters reports, making Jafri one of the most expensive living artists.

One of Jafri’s intentions was to auction off the painting and donate $30 million from the sales to charity, specifically several charitable organizations, including UNESCO, UNICEF, Dubai Cares, and the Global Gift Foundation.

Humanity Inspired said the project would help communities impacted by COVID-19. “The project will set up progressive and more affective sustainable education & health hubs, equipped with the internet for online learning, medical supplies, health care, inoculations, vaccines, and sanitation, within the poorest and most desperate communities of the world, aiming to save 10 million child lives globally.”

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