The world’s largest canvas painting set to be unveiled in November is a work in progress by British artist Sacha Jafri. The artwork spanning 1,800 square meters, which is the size bigger than two football fields, is located in a massive room inside the luxury hotel Atlantis in Dubai. Jafri will be working on the piece more than 20 weeks before its completion, and the canvas will go on sale at a gala dinner event in December.

The project has been supported by over 100 celebrities including David Beckham, Deepak Chopra, and Eva Longoria, and its main goal is to promote “global digital equality,” by bridging the gap in digital access between developing and industrialized countries. The proceeds from the sale of 60 smaller canvases that the piece will be split into, will benefit the charity initiative Humanity Inspired led by Unicef, Unesco and the UAE-based philanthropic organization Dubai Cares.

Sacha Jafri, who is “widely regarded as one of the world’s most celebrated living artists [who] has raised more than $60 million for charities across the world from the sale of his art,” in the words of Humanity Inspired, is expecting to raise $30 million in the sale of this monumental piece which is titled The Journey of Humanity.

The work will also be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for Jafri to claim the title of the world’s largest canvas painting ever made. Visit Humanity Inspired’s website for more details on the auction.

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