American fashion designer Rick Owens teamed up with book publisher Rizzoli to release LEGASPI BY RICK OWENS and RICK OWENS PHOTOGRAPHED BY DANIELLE LEVITT, his two new books – the first one documents life and work of the unsung hero of the 70’s Larry Legaspi, while the second represents a monograph that covers over a decade long period of work and style of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award winner Rick Owens.


This volume covers the gaps in the information about Legaspi’s work that is still largely unexplored. The pioneering and ahead of his time designer established the look of defining musical acts of the ’70s, including KISS, Labelle, George Clinton, and Parliament. The book contains previously unpublished photographs that gain insight into his work in fashion, as well as details about the life of the great designer who died of AIDS in 2001, leaving behind an inspiring legacy – LEGASPI BY RICK OWENS pays homage to a true legend that certainly had a profound impact on Owens himself.


Filled with brilliant photos by acclaimed New York-based photographer Danielle Levitt, this book is an essential item for the avant-garde fashion and design lovers. The 200 pages chronicle some of Owens’ most impressive looks from the past decade, ones that show his distinguishing dark and provocative style that conquered the world of fashion and gained a devoted following, and ones that truly capture the Rick Owens’ somber aesthetic. Head over to Rizzoli’s website and find the books for more info.

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