Legendary men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine Playboy has announced its foray into the NFT space, partnering with Nifty Gateway, which has already established itself as the go to marketplace for all sorts of artists and companies who want to sell their NFTs.

The erotic publication is offering a range of digital collectibles for longtime Playboy fans. While there are no specific details regarding exactly what they’ll be selling, the company has revealed that it’ll be kickstarting its entry into the industry with two collaborations with artists Slimesunday and Blake Kathryn.

“Our entry into NFT art builds on Playboy’s long history of providing a platform for artists and creative self-expression,” the company said on Twitter. “We are thrilled by all of the innovation and access the blockchain can bring, and a big piece of our work will be supporting artists as a collector and via upcoming grants. We’re here to learn, support the community and innovate together.”


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