Spanish artist Felipe Pantone has launched his first-ever series of non-fungible tokens on Nifty Gateway, following quarantine virtual spray-painting sessions and creating digitized artworks that change in real time.

Rather than reimagining his well-known works featuring computer glitches and gradients, the artist wanted to spotlight his prolific graffiti background on the blockchain instead, thus creating the GRAFFITI COLLECTION series that pays homage to the underground art form while subverting the existence of analog art making by memorializing it in the crypto art realm.

“I created ‘THE GRAFFITI COLLECTION’ as my very first NFT release as a way to best utilize this innovative medium and technology. Understanding graffiti’s fleeting and ephemeral nature, only through block-chain technology do these pieces permanently establish ownership and remain in existence forever unlike many of the graffiti pieces I have created,” said Pantone in a statement.

“Graffiti is impermanent, it is constantly being challenged,” said the artist’s manager and BEYOND THE STREETS founder, Roger Gastman. “As a graffiti artist your ownership of the artwork on the wall only exist for a finite amount of time before its buffed and gone forever. This perspective is being challenged with the rise of a new digital age upon us.”

Visit Nifty Gateway’s website to view Felipe Pantone’s GRAFFITI COLLECTION. The series features three unique compositions: T1: Rome, M1: Monterrey and G3: Valencia. The first edition is limited to 200 tokens while the other two are standalone works up for grabs at silent auctions on the platform.

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