Reng Hang is one of the new sensation of contemporary photographer. In his latest serie from 2015, the Beijing based photographer captures naked subject in urban and outdoor backgrounds with his particular and singular provocative style.

Ren-Hang_Photography_1 Ren-Hang_Photography_1-2 Ren-Hang_Photography_1-3  Ren-Hang_Photography_3 Ren-Hang_Photography_4 Ren-Hang_Photography_5 Ren-Hang_Photography_6 Ren-Hang_Photography_8 Ren-Hang_Photography_9 Ren-Hang_Photography_10 Ren-Hang_Photography_11 Ren-Hang_Photography_12 Ren-Hang_Photography_13 Ren-Hang_Photography_14

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