Axel Morin takes us on a trip to America.

The destination is New York, Los Angeles, Chicago; Detroit, under the sweltering heat of the summer sun.

The young Parisian photographer uncovers the themes and areas that speak to him.
In a dilapidated urban environment, through posed or candid moments, we are introduced to a variety of characters – a self-proclaimed king, kids electrified by their eternal energy
and those displaying accessories with great pride.

Their permeating gazes will transport you to another place and into other lives.
Some shots, heavily saturated in details and colors, seem on the verge of explosion:
like all life captured by the lens is a struggle to contain.

In contrast, other shots – void of human presence – take us into the most surreal stillness.

Through this series, Axel Morin, also a film director, contributes to shaping an iconography of the street, always new and universal.”

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