Some of the leading contemporary artists are currently on display at Allouche Gallery’s pop-up exhibition in Los Angeles, aptly titled 4 in LA. The artists in question are Malik Roberts, Paul Insect and Stickymonger, who will, each in their own fashion, commemorate the legacy of Bast, the fourth of the 4. Bast was best known for his collage art that portrayed mutated characters and scenes.

“Each artist defines painting in their own precise and distinctive style. A tribute to Bast’s life and career, we honor his talent to create edgy, uncomprising compositions that challenge modern urban life. His wheat-pasted posters that decorated environments in New York and Europe will forever be a gesture of his mark on Earth. While his most recent works will be on display, they will not be for sale. Bast will be missed dearly,” said Eric Allouche, founder of Allouche Gallery.

Check out select works below and then head to Allouche Gallery’s website for more information. “4 in LA” is currently on view at the address below.

“4 in LA”
2685 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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