Following the release of Keanu Reeves’ comic book titled BRZRKR, which tells the story about an immortal warrior, who’s half-man and half-god, Netflix decided to turn it into a live-action AND an anime series.

Announced via Twitter, the new series will be produced by Keanu himself, who will also star in the live-action adaptation and voice his character in the anime.

Berzerker’s story, which begins after he is employed by the US government to fight battles that are deemed too violent and too dangerous for anyone else, should be the focal point of the adaptations too, where, “in exchange, Berzerker will be granted the one thing he desires – the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence… and how to end it.”

There’s currently no official release date for either the live-action or anime adaptation of BRZRKR, but you can take a look at the comic book trailer – voiced by Keanu himself – below.

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