Dating has changed significantly in the past ten years, and with most couples now meeting on a dating app, it’s important to keep up with the online trend. But if dating apps still seem like a bit of a blur to you, why not try something else? Dating events. And no, we don’t mean awkward speed dating in your local community hall. 

The Inner Circle is the dating app that’s doing things differently, by hosting parties, masterclasses and festivals all over the world. Their fresh approach to singles events are having a pretty massive impact, both on people’s social lives and the dating industry as a whole. 

One of the most recent successes was a Tokyo inspired evening at Century Club, a night of cocktails, arcade games, pint pulling and lots of delicious bites. The app booked out  two whole floors including a terrace with unbelievable city views, making it the ideal night of flirting as the sun set behind the city skyline.

These events mean you can flirt with anyone, knowing everyone is single. People actually talk to one another, the bars are cool, and the entertainment is effortless. They take dating back into real life, and is why they’re proving to be so wildly successful. 

2020 will see The Inner Circle going one step further. They’ve already introduced member-hosted events, and the new masterclasses are proving to be a roaring success. With warmer weather on the way, we can only wait to hear what they have in store for another summer of love. 

The app built a name for itself by its online-to-offline focus, because each feature has been specifically built to get you off your phone. First, the screening process, where a team of people check each profile to make sure they’re a real person, genuinely looking to date. This is then mixed with features like “Spots” (which shows the best places to go for a date in your city) and “Who’s Up For” (which lets you post status style updates to catch other singles attention), and most importantly with the industry leading events.

It’s the answer to the modern problem of online dating. We need to get off our phones and back into the real world. To keep up to date with future events and match with singles who actually want to get offline, sign up to The Inner Circle here


Posted by:Somewhere Staff