The forthcoming Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 fair is only a day from its launch, gathering together galleries and art dealers worldwide to showcase their most valuable artists. Japan-based NANZUKA gallery, for instance, will display a selection of artworks by celebrated visual artists from its roster, including Roby Di Antono, Katherine Bernhardt, Jess Johnson, Joakim Ojanen, FriendWithYou, and more. A total of 12 artists will be involved in NANZUKA’s presentation for the installment.

Rising Indonesian painter Roby Dwi Antono will unveil new surrealist portraits featuring his starry-eyed, childlike subjects. The artist expressed that these works stem from his upbringing: “My childhood memories that were at times happy and at times painful, are indeed linked to my apparent anxiety towards the reality of my life at present. On occasion I find myself overcome by a strong sense of nostalgia that strikes me like a blurry flash of light. It happens unknowingly the moment I wake up, and I try hard to piece together that sensation.”

Check out select artworks by Antono, Bernhardt, and Johnson respectively in the gallery below and head to NANZUKA’s website for more information. Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 will run from May 21 through May 23.

Posted by:Staff