Today we’re premiering Swedish musician, Lucas Nord new single. Check out our interview with him.

Different Songs is your new single, it’s part of an up-coming E.P could you tell us more about it ?

It’s an EP that I’ve been working on for quite a while and songs I’ve had layin’ around without really knowing what to do with. I had these five that I really liked so I decided to reproduce everything and do it all myself.  I produced, mixed, and mastered the whole EP, except for Different Songs which i co-produced with Zach and Roger. So I knew it was gonna sound cohesive. Hence the name, “Ego”.

Since your first releases your sound has been evolving a lot, how would you describe Lucas Nord music right now ?

Yeah, true it really has. Right now I’d say it sounds a bit like a mixture of electronic r&b/pop with a touch of Swedish melancholy in there. It’s definitely gotten more urban sounding lately since I’ve been producing that kinda stuff for other artists.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately ?

Mostly I’m just listening to demos I’m working on but I’ve been listening to Mr Jukes, Tom Misch, Sam Wills, Princess Nokia and the new Asap Rocky lately.

What’s next ? 

There is a ton of music on the way that I’m writing and producing for other projects that I’m very excited about that’s gonna come out soon. And then I’m hoping to wrap up some more solo stuff later this year and hopefully play these songs live for as many people as possible !

Listen to Different Songs below !

(Photo Credit : Adéle Askelöf)

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