We’re premiering today the first single of Swedish new comers Bob and Bappo.

We asked them a few questions to try to find out more about them.


Who is Bob and Bappo ?

Bob & Bappo are a faceless project meant to inspire.

Whats the meaning behind your name ?

Bob and Bappo are simply the name of the two creatures. Two characters that are here to bring music to the world.

How would you define your music ?

We love making melodic vocals over dark sounds. There is something very interesting sonically about techno music but generally it gets boring quickly. We wanted to make techno pop music. And this is only the beginning. We never set boundaries. Anything can happen.

What are your influences ?

We are inspired by all kinds of art. Individuals that stands out like David Bowie, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, Charles Bukowski. Normal is boring.

What’s next ?

We will continue to make music and push the boundaries. This is only the beginning.



Posted by:Somewhere Staff

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