Illust Space recently announced an official partnership with Rhymesayers Entertainment and Jasmine Dumile, DOOM’s wife, to auction off a series of signed, augmented reality MF DOOM masks, giving fans the chance to own a piece of MF DOOM’s legacy.

The masks were offered as NFTs themselves, something that’s become quite popular among entertainers and in the art world too. With NFTs, digital contracts are assigned to people to determine the rights to digital artworks, collectibles and other unique items. For instance, with each MF DOOM mask, or NFT, the item can be sold, purchased or traded like any other physical object on the digital sphere.

“We are living in this ubiquitous digital layer now. We don’t quite realize it, but if you look at the numbers of people using augmented reality every day, this is happening,” Illust Space’s CCO, Tim Prochak said to Decrypt.

The concept of augmented reality masks were first mentioned by DOOM himself to some of his fans, not long before his death in Oct 2020. When the first edition of the augmented reality masks came out, they were an instant hit. At the request of his wife Jasmine, they relaunched the idea to pay tribute to her late husband. 10 percent of the proceeds went back to MF DOOM’s estate as royalties to fund any future projects.


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