Architecture office firm Bureau David Apheceix, which is mainly centered around sports architecture, partnered with MBL Architects to construct a skatepark in a sea of construction remnants, horticultural plants, and wild endemic species, as part of initiative to transform an old industrial mill into a contemporary art spot for Galleria Continua in Boissy-le-Châtel, France.

Introducing and blending a community of rolling sports enthusiasts with the contemporary art scene, the Skatepark Continua celebrates a new sense of gathering in the area. Designed after the fluid lines and curves of skatepark shapes from the 1970s, MBL’s goal was to create non-standard architecture that seamlessly blends in with natural landscape surroundings. The construction of the skatepark dabbles into spraying wet concrete onto metal frames, then pulled and smoothed into preferred shapes before it sets.

Take a look at Skatepark Continua in the gallery below. 

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