This stark, monolithic concept, has been conceived by Luiz Eduardo lupatini in response to the ‘site mirador’ competition launched by ARKxSITE.
Ceiling honorably, the Brazilian architect’s proposal searches for harmony between opposites and the balance between architecture and the incredible natural landscape of Portugal’s Atlantic coast.

The international competition organized by ARKxSITE called for compelling ideas for designing a ‘site mirador’ located at the vial battery on Portugal’s Algarve coast. The jury looked for proposals that emphasize, respect, and celebrate the site and existing ruins while providing a unique and memorable experience.
Anchored off the edge of a cliff, Luiz Eduardo lupatini’s mirador directly faces the Atlantic ocean’s immensity. The site’s position provides a privileged view of the surroundings, situated parallel to the ruins, and seeks to establish a dialogue between the architectural intervention and the context.

The program is solved in a single piece that can be read as a mono-material structure that continues the current path, which remains at the top level of the borderline and subtly detaches from the ground leading the visitor towards the horizon. The design, called ‘the way,’ intends to create a place of memory and contemplation, where the only sound is the sea’s noise.

Posted by:Somewhere Team