Loreal Prystaj is a visual artist residing in New York. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and received a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in photography in the fall of 2013. Her work mainly explores the relationship between time and space. She mainly expresses her ideas through photography, and develops some of them through videos, installations, performances and interactive pieces. Very often, nature is included in his work.

Reflecting on Nature is a magnificent series of artistic nudes made in Finnish nature in Hämeenkyrö in 2016.

« There is no such thing as compromising with nature; we simply abide by how it lives and exist as a part of it. Nature is very relevant to each individual’s well- being, but more so than it is part of us, we are part of it.

Often times, mirrors are used to emphasize the minute details, but rarely used to look at the big picture. What if nature looked at itself? What would it see? What would we be? Would our identity stand out or would we be a small detail? Would nature change us? Would we be a beauty mark or a blemish? Accentuated? Concealed?

From observing nature’s schedule and landscapes, I placed myself in its environments while nature looked at itself in the mirror. »

Loreal-Prystaj-Reflecting-on-nature-02 Loreal-Prystaj-Reflecting-on-nature-03 Loreal-Prystaj-Reflecting-on-nature-04 Loreal-Prystaj-Reflecting-on-nature-05 Loreal-Prystaj-Reflecting-on-nature-06 Loreal-Prystaj-Reflecting-on-nature-07

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