New exhibition of Swedish photographer Lina Scheynius at Christophe Guye from 26th Jan 2017 – 15th Apr 2017.

“Her work promulgates intimacy. Lina Scheynius’ photography has found its way via the internet into the fashion world and from there into the art world. Most of her followers are young women. Scheynius appears to have opened up a way for them to see themselves. This shy individual, of all people, has disclosed herself to the world by sharing her innermost self – the outer self – with the world.” – Simon Maurer, curator, Zurich

Christophe Guye Galerie is proud to announce the second solo exhibition with the latest works of Lina Scheynius (*1981, Sweden) at the gallery. Her work has evolved into a complex and nuanced signifying visual language, placing sexuality and nudity less in the foreground, yet – the works are more intimate than ever. The viewer is invited to dive into Scheynius’ personal and sensitive world.

Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Sweden-Summer-2014Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Amanda-in-London-Summer-2016 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-David-and-I-in-New-York-Winter-2015 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-London-Spring-2016 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-London-Summer-2016_2 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-London-Summer-2016-diary Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Me-in-Antwerp-Autumn-2013_1 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Me-in-Antwerp-Autumn-2013_2 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Me-in-Antwerp-Autumn-2013_3 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Me-in-Brussels-Spring-2014 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Me-in-Brussels-Spring-2014_2 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Me-in-London-Spring-2016 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Me-in-London-Summer-2012_161220_110327 Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-Me-in-London-Summer-2015Christophe-Guye-Galerie-Lina-Scheynius-New-York-Winter-2015

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