From the LEGO Ideas ‘music to our ears’ contest, the Legendary Stratocaster has been selected for release as an official set. Along with the Earth Globe from the first 2020 LEGO Ideas review period, the Legendary Stratocaster from the ‘music to our ears’ contest has been selected for release as an official product.

Designed by user TOMOELL, the Legendary Stratocaster set utilizes more than 600 LEGO bricks — 335 pieces for the guitar, 287 bits for the amplifier, and 54 pieces for the stand. The designer crafted the guitar in hues of mustard, black, white, red, and dark blue, although the official color LEGO will use has not been confirmed as of writing.

“During school I tried to work and I spent all the saved money on the electric guitar, unfortunately only an imitation of this. In the end I started to devote more time to percussion instruments, but the original Fender Stratocaster is a big dream still today and this instrument was for me a gateway to the world of music, it would be great to have it in the form of lego bricks,” TOMOELL wrote with his idea.
“Everyone has seen the Fender Stratocaster guitar, it’s super famous, and we think it’s going to be exciting to bring this to life using LEGO bricks,” says LEGO Ideas Design Manager Sam Johnson. “Music is a relatively new place for LEGO to play in, so we’re excited to see how we can execute this.”

Music was previously noted as a passion space for some of the new adult orientated products that the LEGO Group is working on.
TOMOELL is the LEGO Ideas user behind the submission, which shows a variety of Fender Stratocaster guitars in various colors. The official set will likely be released in 2021.

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