The most expensive guitar ever sold title goes to Kurt Cobain’s infamous 1993 MTV Unplugged 1959 Martin D-18E. The guitar was initially estimated to start with a bid of $1 million USD at Julien’s Auctions earlier in May but was actually sold for a whopping $6,010,000.

Apart from breaking the most expensive guitar record, that same auction saw four extra world records, one of which includes the “most expensive piece of band memorabilia ever sold,” which is the instrument’s original hard-shell case that Cobain embellished with three baggage claim stubs, a flyer by the band Poison Idea and a sticker from Alaska Airlines. However, there was a controversy regarding the guitar’s true owner, which had to be legally claimed from Isaiah Silva, Cobain’s daughter Frances’ ex-husband, who believed the instrument was a wedding gift from Cobain, albeit the guitar’s seller remains anonymous. RØDE Microphones’s founder Peter Freedman was the winner of the closing bid — he plans on taking the instrument on a global exhibition tour where proceeds can be raised for performing arts organizations.

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