KAWS is bringing his Holiday hot-air balloon series to the United Kingdom, a project done in partnership with Hong Kong creative agency AllRightsReserved.

After it initially appeared at Seokchon Lake in Seoul, South Korea, in 2018, and having graced the skies of several international locations including Hong Kong, Taipei, and Virginia Beach, the KAWS:HOLIDAY‘s sixth ascension will host passengers in the sky on a hot-air balloon in the United Kingdom before taking off on a world tour at the end of this year.

The sculptural hot-air balloon — one of the world’s largest at 42 meters tall — reimagines the artist’s signature work, COMPANION, in larger-than-life proportions. KAWS first set flight to his flying creation in the hot-air balloon capitol of the United Kingdom: Bristol. Soaring above miles of breathtaking greenery, the colossal inflated character commanded the British skies in its debut, as pictured in the gallery below.

Be sure to not miss the official take off in the fourth quarter of 2020. The journey is now open for package inquiry and will accept both flat and cryptocurrency payments via FTX Pay on the DDT webstore. Additionally, to celebrate the latest addition to the HOLIDAY series, KAWS created a series of 12-inch-tall COMPANION collectibles, available in brown, grey and black. There are also limited-edition containers in the same figurine construction and a hoodie featuring the series’ signature character surrounded by clouds.

The collectible figurines are priced at $250, while the containers are marked at $890. The hoodie will be sold for $99. Shop the collection on the DDT webtore.

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