In light of YEEZY partnership with the clothing retail company Gap is unveiled with a Chicago store redesign that features West’s handwritten letter.

The store located at the corner of Michigan and Ohio in Chicago, apparently the exact store that West himself used to shop at, is completely enveloped in a single color shroud that on one side features a YZY logo, and on the other Kanye’s text sourced directly from a note that he wrote by hand, scribbles and all. Below is a transcript of the text, complete with line breaks:

Thank God
Hi Chicago it’s me
This is [the] Gap store
I used to shop at when
I would drive my Nissan
from the southside
so blessed
I thank god and I am
so humbled at the
opportunity to serve
I put my heart into the
color palette and every
detail I love Tron the original
Do you like stuff
I don’t know what to do with
my hands

No launch date for store opening has been confirmed but the collection is expected to begin rolling out in 2021. Check it out below.

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