A new clip suggesting Johnny Flynn’s role as David Bowie has been unveiled. The trailer for Stardust is out now, day before the film’s release.

The clip follows Flynn as Bowie, at a diner confronting his manager Ron Oberman, played by GLOW star, Marc Maron. They dive into a discussion regarding Bowie’s lack of success in the United States, a conversation sprouted by Oberman’s inability to speak to The Rolling Stones about Bowie. Bowie goes on to compare himself to Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan, claiming to “fill the gap” between the two artists. The clip ends with Oberman scoffing at his references, seemingly to have not yet identified where Bowie stands in the music world.

Flynn has been subjected to “homophobic abuse” since he undertook the role as David Bowie in the biopic, ““I’m not big into social media, but I was getting a lot of violent hate mail and stuff from people saying: ‘You played him like he’s insecure. And then homophobic abuse: ‘You’re playing him all fey. Why is he wearing a dress?’” The comments do not seem to bother him as Flynn still has hopes to open up the topic to conversation with the film. He responds, “It’s like the world hasn’t changed. People get upset about Harry Styles wearing a dress. So I’m happy that the film might be an education for people that breaks down some made-up version of David that they have in their mind.”

Watch the trailer below and make sure to see the movie once it premieres on January 15.

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