A donation to Australia’s bushfire relief from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has received quite a backlash as the charitable deed could have been more generous.

A million Australian dollars, or $690k in the American currency, came from Amazon, the second company in the world to be worth $1 trillion USD, which is roughly 5 minutes of income for the trillion-worth company, as Business Insider reports. A 690k USD donation works out at less than five minutes of income for the Amazon CEO, whose net worth is currently 116 billion USD, taking the mentioned net worth between the start and end of 2018 into consideration. With further Business Insider’s calculation, Bezos’ net worth is stated to grow by 690,000 USD, on average, every 30 minutes in the past three months.

The money donated to Australia is being used to aid relief agencies to help victims of the fires, save animals and conserve natural habitats. Like many big names, such as the Kering Group and its $1m AUD donation, and Balenciaga’s fundraising collection you can read about here, Amazon’s donation will be funneled into supporting “provisions and services”.

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