Interdisciplinary British artist Jam Sutton, best known for creating works that explore the relationship between technology and antiquity, is currently preparing for a collection of augmented reality sculptures to be released as NFTs on Nifty Gateway, made in partnership with IV Gallery.

The collection, entitled Through Constant Decay, features self-portraits of the artist as three-dimensional sculptures that draw inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman statues. “I want to create impressions of figures, casting a representation of my subject as a digital shell, cracked and imperfect from glitches during the scanning process. I’m attempting to capture the essence of existence and suspending it in digital and physical spaces.”

Coming with each NFT from the collection is an AR marker which allows you to place the sculpture in your space when using the Jam Sutton Studio app. Catch Through Constant Decay on Nifty Gateway starting May 18.

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