In our new series called “Introducing” we showcase up-coming talents in the fashion/creative/culture fields. We start this series with Danish model Olivia Vinten. Based in Copenhagen she has been walking the runway earlier this year for trendy brands such as Off-white, Moncler or Etro to name a few and has been photographed by Theo Wenner  and Matteo Montanari for Self Service, and Vogue.

We asked her a few questions :

Where are you right now ?
I’m in Denpasar airport in Bali waiting for my flight back home to Copenhagen

What is your current state of mind?
It’s good, positive I’d say. I’ve had the best time in Bali w friends and work and now I’m going back home to see my mumma and siblings💆‍♀️

How did you enter modeling ?
I was scouted on the streets of Copenhagen when I was 12. A real youngsta

What was the most memorable moment of your career thus far?
Probably my trip to Mexico back in December 2018. We were shooting an etro campaign in Los Cabos on the beach and it was just so much fun. Good people, good food, good vibes and a very very beautiful location.

What do you plan to do after you finish modeling?
My plan is to start university once I decide to quit full time modeling. I really like studying so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

5 words that describes you ?
And incredibly indecisive

Guilty pleasure ?
Salty licorice covered in white chocolate sprinkled with salty licorice and raspberry powder. So good.

Breakfast, Lunch or dinner ?
Dinner for sure

One movie, one song, one book ?
The movie Split directed by M. night Shyamalan. If you’re into psychological thrillers you’re gonna die over this. So gooooood
I love the song “for you” by the danish/english duo rosegold at the moment. I’m quite close with one of them and the song always gets me in a good mood.
Favorite book is Factfulness by Hans Rosling. I highly recommend this one. A really important and relevant book on how to perceive and understand the world we’re living in and how to fight fake news.

Secret obsession ?
Don’t know how secret this is but I’m obsessed with people that are good at dancing. I’ve always regretted not taking dance classes at a younger age cause, wow, professional dancers really impress me.

Your life ambition ?
To experience whole a lotta real love and one day have some cute little babies

Your favorite occupation ?
I think Brain Scientist is a really cool occupation and probably one of the most interesting jobs out there in my opinion.

Your favorite wardrobe item ?
My light grey sweatpants and matching sweat from Fruit of the Loom for sure

What makes you happy ?
What truly makes me happy is to meet good and real people and have interesting in depth conversations with them. I also really enjoy spending time with each one of my four siblings and hang out with my all time best friend Isabella

What scares you the most ?
Death I think. The fact that one day my parents are not gonna be here anymore is probably what scares me the most

On an typical Saturday night, where can we find you ?
On a Saturday night you’ll find me in bed still hungover from last night haha

Best advice you’ve been given?
I’ve been given a lot of good advices throughout my life I’d say. But one that sticks to me is probably that “you never lose. You either win or you learn”

Her mother agency is 2Pm Model Management, to know more about her follow her on Instagram.

Photographs were shot by Mariya Pepelanova

Posted by:Somewhere Staff