Brandon Boyd is know for being the frontman of famous american Incubus, but he’s also a talented drawer/painter. Here are a few questions we asked him in the pure tradition of the Proust questionnaire.

Where are you right now ?
I’m in Berlin on a little Incubus Promo trip. New album comes out end of this month so we are in that mode of talking about it…a lot.

What is your present state of mind ?
I’m swimming between jet lag and the gentle hum of the espresso in my blood. It’s lovely.

What’s your earliest childhood memory ?
A lollipop on a candy cart at Disneyland. It was massive and a spinning rainbow of delight to my young eyes. I couldn’t have it and it was beyond my physical reach, so the memory has a touch of sadness attached to it.

How would you define your art ?
In process

What’s the most important for you, your music or your painting/drawing ?
None is more important than the next. Both are necessary branches on the same tree.

Who are your favorite artists ?
The ones willing to fail.

Your favorite hobbie aside of your music/art ?
Surfing and cycling

What makes you laugh ?

What makes you cry ?

Your favorite virtue ?

What is your definition of happiness ?
Being free of thought.

If you could change anything from your life ?
I’d change the impulse to want to change anything.

What do you like the most of our era ?
I like the anticipation of what’s inevitably coming. Which I believe is going to be a monumental shift in our consciousness. We are already in the shift but we won’t be able to see it clearly until we have a little hindsight.

What is your biggest quality ?
My smallness.

Your main fault ?
My ambition

What is your guilty-pleasure ?
I don’t feel guilty about what pleases me.

What is your mantra ?
Talk to her.

Best advice you’ve been given ?
Be wary of advice.

One book that changed your life ?
One?! Haha

What is your favorite movie ?
Right now? Gentlemen Broncos

Your favorite song lately ?
Lately. Thank you. Haha I’d say it’s Pure Comedy by Father John Misty

A question we forgot to ask ?
That’s a great question.

Have a look at Brandon’s work below.

(Photo Credit :  Justin Wysong)

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