The acronym actually means “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

The latest Spring/Summer 21 campaign by Heron Preston further emphasizes the forward-thinking-meets-back-to-basics ethos that the brand designer has amplified in the label since early 2017. The essence of the Heron Preston line focuses on workwear, sustainability and motif-play this season by peeling off all the excess and revealing the brand’s fundamental DNA.

“This collection it was really about less is more. It’s really celebrating this idea of less is more, given the circumstances that we are in, I really found it as an opportunity to refocus and realign the direction of the collections. It was really about stripping back to the best stories of Heron Preston and cutting out all of the fat.”

The collection, although smaller, includes all the brand’s core items. Ready-to-wear apparel including raw denim jacketing and jeans, paired with slouchy trouser silhouettes, relaxed tailoring and classic shirts now cut with triangular, open backs are all part of minimalizing the collection. Black-and-white tones and neutral shades are accented with a splash of purple easing fans into the colors of the spring and summer season. A knit amethyst-hued hoodie and icy lavender-dyed wide-leg trousers are available for those who want more than just a hint of color in their wardrobe.

The collection is also engineered with respecting the environment and the current pandemic times. Fleece and jersey pieces are fully made in organic cotton while activewear garments are treated with antibacterial technology and knitted in recycled nylon yarn. Heron Preston SS21 is evidently taking a step forward in the brand’s commitment towards pillars of energy efficiency, waste reduction and construction through innovative ecological materials.

Check out the Heron Preston SS21 campaign below.

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