The highly-anticipated revival of the iconic Gossip Girl series is nearing its July release date on HBO Max, and now the streaming service has shared the first official teaser trailer, offering a glimpse into the lives (and inevitable drama) of the new generation of Upper East Siders.

The reboot sees Joshua Safran, the original writer and executive producer on the 2007 show, reprise his role for the Gen-Z audience, giving us all the scandal and voyeurism. Currently, plot details are still scarce, but we do know that the story will pick up “nine years after the original blogger’s website went dark”, and is set to explore how social media “and the landscape of New York itself” has changed in the intervening years.

The cast for the new Gossip Girl includes Dazed cover stars Whitney Peak, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, and Jordan Alexander, who appear alongside Rookie founder and OG influencer Tavi Gevinson.

If you’re guessing who will give voice to the new Gossip Girl, you guessed right: it’s the iconic Kristen Bell, whose voice we already know well.

Listen to her narrate the new teaser trailer below. HBO Max’s Gossip Girl is out July 8.

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