A group exhibition titled Dream Makers is currently on display at New York City’s Padre Gallery, bringing together figurative works by six international artists. The pieces vary in style and composition but are tied together by expressing whimsical motifs that help lift dispirited minds due to the ongoing global health crisis.

The artists included in the exhibition are Zurab Tsereteli, Adriana Oliver, Edgar Plans, Ana Barriga, Baldur Helgason, and Jeff McCreight aka Ru8icon.

“In times when not only dreams get brutally shattered by the harsh reality around us, but the most common, everyday norms are completely out of the picture, the world seems to be needing dreamers more than ever before. With this in mind,” the gallery expressed in a press release. “Whether creating their own, unique universes, reinventing the existing imagery, or using the reality as an endless source of inspiration from which new perspectives are built, the Dream Makers certainly have the ability to lift us above the everyday gloom and point towards brighter and pleasing sights.”

Browse through the images below and visit Padre Gallery’s website to learn more. Dream Makers is on view, by appointment only, through September 5.

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