The iconic red and black suit The Weeknd wore for his Super Bowl LV Halftime show which has now become his signature look, wouldn’t be without the help of Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams.

Williams said in a press release, “It’s truly an honor to have dressed the Weeknd for his incredible Super Bowl show. To me, fashion is all about infusing what you wear with a unique personality, and the Weeknd brought his look to life with his energy, character, and sense of style.”

Throughout the performance, Tesfaye was dressed in a Givenchy Haute Couture crystal-embroidered jacket. The jacket required the expertise of four embroiderers and took over 250 hours to piece together. Ensuring the red jacket was the centerpiece of the outfit, the rest of the outfit was in black, including the wool trousers, cotton poplin shirt and black leather gloves and tie. Rounding out the ensemble was a pair of black and white derbies.

The Givenchy creative director already spoke to Vogue prior to the show, saying Abel and his team came into the design meetings with “a clear vision” of what the costumes would look like. Williams said, “The way Abel reflects on society’s conversations all the time is what a true artist’s essence is made of. He challenges the way we see art and the way we listen to music.”

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