As Italy faces the largest COVID-19 crisis in all Europe, the Lombardy region’s health system is “a step away from collapse,” says regional crisis response unit’s chief Antonio Pesenti, as more and more cases arise, putting increasing pressure on the health system’s infrastructure.

Italy’s own renowned designer Giorgio Armani generously donated €1.25 million (which is roughly $1.43 million) through his fashion group to four different hospitals across the nation (three in Milan), as well as the Civil Protection Agency, in an effort to combat the outbreak.

As of today, Italy has been the country that’s been hit the hardest by COVID-19, putting a staggering 16 million people in quarantine, the number of confirmed cases soaring to 9,172 as of Sunday, with total deaths reaching 463, as well as closing down public amenities and museums and enforcing travel bans.

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