Aimed at offering high-quality fashion items for adults—unlike the Donguri Kyowakoku chain that focuses on accessories and toys for children—an upcoming brick and mortar Studio Ghibli specialty store, GBL Miyashita Park, is selling officially produced Studio Ghibli skateboards.

Set to open on July 28 at Rayard Miyashita Park shopping center in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, in GBL Miyashita Park you can find four skateboards that feature three of the most popular Studio Ghibli anime: Castle in the SkyMy Neighbor Totoro and the Oscar-winning Spirited Away, depicting Robot Warrior, the Catbus and No-Face respectively. The boards measure 80cm x 20.5cm and are made from Canadian maple wood, each costing ¥12,000 JPY (approx. $112 USD).

Check out the skateboards below.

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