To be launched in the near future, FVCKRENDERVERSE// will be a revamped version of a groundbreaking digital world conceived and created by acclaimed CG artist FVCKRENDER, which will hit Nifty Gateway. It is part of his continuously-updated immersive 3D environment.

FVCKRENDERVERSE// will encompass a multi-dimensional experience beyond the artist’s previous, two-dimensional NFT artworks.

“‘FV290B//’ was the first expression of my NFT’s in an immersive 3D environment, with a virtual landscape showcasing all the elements of the FVCKRENDERVERSE// drop.  In addition to providing a way for people to experience the NFT’s as they were meant to, it provided the community with a scavenger hunt mechanic, rewarding those that looked at the nuances of this world,” said the artist.

The second experience the artist is cooking for his followers, FV_ARIAX9//, will be created for the upcoming Nifty Gateway drop. Similar to FV290B, it will feature the artist’s NFTs in the drop, but beyond the conventional medium of standalone animated videos. The experience will be comprised of various facets including different worlds, varying sculptures, collaborations, experiments and “Memorie Dust” or as the artist describes, “a transient exploratory world, containing many secrets and changing over time.”

“As FVCKRENDERVERSE// evolves, you will be able to view every single one of my NFT’s across every platform in a way that has never been seen before,” the artist added.

Posted by:Staff