The latest collection of non-fungible tokens to hit Nifty Gateway comes from Futura 2000 and his son 13thWitness who have created a series of work titled Operation Bellevue.

The series features a limited edition work called Anticipation Version I portraying the acclaimed New York-based artist’s Pointman figure in blue rotating in an endless loop, as well as a series of open editions and two varying works called Force Multipliers and Passengers.

All of the editions in Operation Bellevue were minted and registered on the digital copyright registration platform CXIP. Every facet of the NFTs were created using a digital device — illustration of the compositions were performed on a tablet with photo and video editing executed on a PC. Video captures were made on a DSLR camera and the tokenized 3D characters portrayed were based on printed sculptures that were fabricated by Futura 2000.

“My thoughts about my arrival on this new platform, aren’t much different than those I had almost a quarter century ago, when I embarked on a journey to a new destination called the internet” said Futura. “The term platform in this context hadn’t even arrived, but in so much as I was self publishing my own digital content to an unknown global audience, (it) gave me an exhilarating sense of creative self expression.”

Visit Nifty Gateway’s website to view the Operation Bellevue collection now.

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