The adventures of Alex Owens, a welder who dreams of being a dancer, will have a new chapter (or several) on the small screen. A recent return to nostalgia. Paramount +, a platform born in 2021 from the CBS All Access system, is already working on a television version of Flashdance, a film released in 1983 that launched the very young Jennifer Beals into a star. As the Hollywood Reporter progresses, Linda Obst, the film’s original producer, will oversee the relaunch as a series.

Tracy McMillan (Amazon’s Rebellion of the Good Girls) will write the script for the drama in the making. At the same time, Angela Robinson will serve as executive producer along with Obst and pilot director.

The new version will star an African-American woman who dreams of dancing ballet while working in a strip club and looking for her place in the world. Like the old Alec Owens, the new protagonist, will face topics such as love, money, art, friendship, and how to love yourself.

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