In his latest solo exhibition at Padre Gallery, American mixed-media artist David Williams invites visitors to immerse themselves in his imagined worlds and elevate their curiosity when observing his painterly enfilade of allegorical fantasies, exploring the inevitability of death through THE TRAVELERS: OFF TO MARS.

“In a nutshell, inspiration comes from experience and process, and the materials used. I don’t necessarily believe that inspiration is the main driving force behind the work of an artist,” says Williams. “Rather, for me, it’s more about a necessity to keep your mind, hands, and eyes busy and all working together; which might help understand a myriad of curiosities and questions. Those questions, to me are often about life and death, and the human condition of being alive… and lately, there has been a lot of pondering the inevitability that humans will eventually have to leave Earth.”

Head to Padre Gallery’s website for more information. “THE TRAVELERS: OFF TO MARS” is on view through May 1.

Posted by:Staff