One of the most circulated memes on the internet of all time has now been sold as an NFT. The Roth family could have never guessed that the photo would become an Internet phenomenon, let alone sell for nearly $500,000, after then amateur photographer Dave Roth took a photo of his daughter Zoë Roth standing outside a house in flames in their neighborhood in Mebane, N.C. in 2005.

The internet has since then spawned many variations of the image and turned it into a meme, with Zoë appearing grinning impishly as the Titanic sinks in the distance, to meteors wiping out dinosaurs, etc.

Now decades later, the original copy of the iconic image has officially been sold as an NFT for $495,000.

The NFT was sold to a Dubai-based music production company, 3F Music. The same company spent $411,000 for an image from the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme in April. 3F Music to the New York Times, “Our management team is always in cooperation with some highly knowledgeable and experienced art advisers who believe that we must grow with technological movements that help us to not only promote our business but also to support artists and the art market.”

Zoë the “Disaster Girl” plans to use the money earned from the sale to pay off student loans and donate to charity. Although the original copy of the photo is sold by “minting” the NFT, the Roth father-daughter duo are keeping the copyright and will receive 10 percent of any profits that are earned from the sale of the NFT in the future.


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