A raw and tender look on youth. Dean Majd is a young self-taught photographer. He was born and raised in Queens. Living at 20 minutes by train from Manhattan, he felt his whole life “as entire part of the city, while being an outsider in the same.” The outsiders are what interest Dean. So he focusses to the youth, by shooting his friends, but also strangers: young New Yorkers, mostly artists, but also creatives, looking for who they are and what their place in this city is.

Attracted by the artificial lights of the city, he likes to take pictures at night. Carrying his camera, Dean wanders once the sun goes down in the streets of New York with his friends and the Big Apple lights.

“I have the feeling that the night we are no longer ourselves, we are more vulnerable, more likely to make mistakes to realize who we really are, and as the city we are agitated. ”

Have a look at his Instagram and his website to know more about him.

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