In a recent interview with PCS Literary Magazine, David Lynch has revealed that he would “probably be making a film or continuing story” if it wasn’t for the global pandemic. The statement, however, is pretty contrary to his recent suggestion that “there might be things coming along that would mean less time could be spent” on his YouTube channel.

The choice of phrase ‘continuing story’ may imply a return to the world of Twin Peaks, which saw its revival 26 years later in 2017, and sort of adds up to speculation that first arose when Lynch teased a fourth installment of the series in 2018, along with the show’s cast who also began hinting at a Twin Peaks return.

If not for the Twin Peaks continuation or a new film, we should at least be grateful for his lovely YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads his wholesome weather reports. The famed director, unlike most, revealed he actually enjoys quarantine. “I’m in isolation and I love isolation,” he said. “I’m not able to make films, but I’m able to paint and work on sculpture and work on my YouTube channel. It’s pretty great. I really kind of like isolation. This thing about weather, it interests people. Every day is different. It’s interesting for people to know what the weather’s like in different places. People like to hear the weather in LA for some reason,” he laughs before adding, “Not a lot of people, but some people do.”

He concluded the interview by saying: “There’s nothing like creating. It’s just the best. Don’t ever forget that we have a treasury within, and I always recommend you should learn this technique and watch how things just get better and better and better. Tell your friends also to do it. The key to a good life is there within. The key to peace on Earth is there within. It’s time to get on the road to that.”

Watch the full PCS Literary Magazine interview below.

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