Renowned Japanese architect and professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Tokyo, Kengo Kuma’s brand new Kadokawa Culture Museum is set to open in the following weeks. The striking polyhedron-shaped establishment spans over 10k square feet has five floors, and its facade was built using 20,000 individual pieces of granite.

The five floors are separated into two museums, art galleries, a cafe, and a garden. But not only that, there’s also a huge sprawling library on the 4th floor that is certainly a stand-out room, capable of holding up to 50,000 books.

The Kadokawa Culture Museum opens on August 1, at the Tokorozawa Sakura Town complex in the west of Tokyo, to present the exhibition dedicated to Kengo Kuma. Other sections of the museum will be open to the public starting November 6, which apart from the spaces mentioned above, include an anime hotel, an indoor pavilion, shrine, shops, and restaurants. As far as future programming is concerned, the museum is looking to host shows on a variety of genres including nature, science, art, natural history, and society.

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