teamLab returns to its native Tokyo to present two new installations entitled Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky and Universe of Fire Particles, following their participation in the Noor Riyadh Art and Light Festival.

The interactive flame installations were inspired by the phenomenon of light and heat generated by combustion. teamLab used digital technology to translate this phenomenon into works that show “a collection of lines drawn by the movement of molecules of burning gas,” as per a description.

Along with the fire installations, the Tokyo presentation also comes with a series of additional digital-based works that will change with the seasons, including one experiential piece that will complement the cherry blossom season across a massive domed space. The immersive floor artwork will allow users to walk over real water with cherry blossom petals projected onto it, as if they were dancing “on the infinite expanse of the water’s surface.”

Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky is currently displayed outside the teamLab Planets museum in Tokyo. Head to teamLab’s website for more information.

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