Bringing together more than 40 photographers, the US-based initiative Don’t Back Down! has started raising money for charities across the country which support the Black Lives Matter movement, by opening a print sale.

The prints, $150 per piece, feature works from the likes of Jamel ShabazzDanielle LevittSasha Frolova, and David Corio, and each order will be printed at the black-owned Contact Photo Lab.

“We want to show the power that artists/photographs have as a collective force. During these times we know it can be tough to see where our power as artists lay in making a difference and where we hold the most influence, so we thought creating a collective site to sell prints to raise money was the perfect solution,” the organization said in a statement. “The goal is to continue to sell prints, find new photographers, and choose different organizations to donate to multiple times a year.”

Money raised will go to three US-based charities that support the Black Lives Matter movement; Equal Justice InitiativeInner City Arts and The Okra Project. Visit Don’t Back Down! web store now to view currently available prints on the rotating sale.

Posted by:Staff