Despite Coronavirus wreaking havoc across the globe, Banksy’s artworks at a recent Sotheby’s auction managed to far exceed the expected selling price (£672,000 GBP) having been deemed worth a whopping £1.1 million ($1.4 million) all together.

Among the 25 artworks sold at the auction, the highlights were two of his famed “Girl With Balloon” pieces, one in pink and one in red, which sold for £375,000 and £106,250 respectively, along with “Gangsta Rat” — an image of a rat in heavy jewelry — and “Di-Faced Tenners” — a £10 GBP note emblazoned with the late Princess Diana’s face.

What’s most interesting from the successful auction sale was the appearance of numerous newcomers, constituting in total 47% of all participants, with almost 30% being under the age of 40.

Head over to Sotheby’s website to see all 25 of Banksy’s works sold at the auction.


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