The mystery man of the art world strikes again, and this time on Valentine’s Day.

To deny circulating speculations whether it was his work, Banksy, as usual, made a post on Instagram, confirming he made it. The white-walled side of a house in Barton Hill is now home to a young girl printed in Banksy’s signature black and white stencil style, firing a slingshot that explodes into a playful arrangement of red flowers, marking Valentine’s Day. The work has already been covered with a protective plastic sheet thanks to Kelly Woodruff, daughter of the man who owns the house that the piece was painted on.

The work first emerged on Twitter when The Bristol Somali Community Association, based in Barton Hill, tweeted: “We woke up with this remarkable mural art painted on one of the houses of the area. We hope it’s Banksy’s work. Come and have a look yourself. Whoever painted, it’s worth admiring their creativity.”

Take a look at it below.


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