For their latest film #inspiredby HEIMWEIH, German airline Lufthansa takes us to “A Home Unknown” in Siberia.

The third short film of the series follows this time German-Russian actress Emilia Schüle, travelling back to her origins : Blagoveshchensk, a city located in the far East of Russia, on its border with China.

Emilia was just a newborn when her parents moved to Berlin. In this movie, she travels on the Trans-Siberian Railway to where she comes from, not only to search for her roots, but to understand better who she is.

From Berlin to the far East of Siberia, “A Home Unknown” takes us on a graceful trip to make us realize that the value of a journey is not necessary the destination, but the experience.

When watching this short-film, we come to forget that it was commissioned by an airline company and we are just captivated by Emilia’s story, the beautiful landscapes that she crosses, and the authenticity of the people she meets.

In a globalized and hyper-connected world, the question of belonging and identity becomes increasingly complex. Heimweh is a slightly melancholic German term denoting the longing for a place to call home and the concept of Lufthansa’s storytelling, encouraging travel experiences to promote personal growth and finding one’s place in life.

If you want to know more about Emilia and the project, you can check out Lufthansas social media channels : Instagram and Facebook

Photo credit: Meredith Jenks | Lufthansa

Posted by:Somewhere Staff