Avi Loeb, a theoretical physicist and a Harvard professor claims that aliens came to Earth in 2017. His upcoming book, Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, further explores his theory of about an unidentified object that entered our solar system three years ago.

The UFO mentioned above, was dubbed Oumuamua, Hawaiian for “scout.” According to Loeb, the interstellar object was first spotted by the Pan-STARRS telescope at Hawaii’s Haleakala Observatory in 2017, passing through the ecliptic plane September 6 from the direction of Vega, a star in the Lyra constellation 25 light-years away from Earth. Three days later, Oumuamua began accelerating for the sun before coming towards our planet “moving swiftly toward the constellation Pegasus and the blackness beyond.”

To declassify the peculiar-shaped Oumuamua as just another comet, as many scientist believe, when speaking to the New York Post, Loeb stated that the assumption relies too much on the “familiar.” “What would happen if a caveman saw a cellphone? He’s seen rocks all his life, and he would have thought it was just a shiny rock.”

Loeb highlights that the cigar-like “five to 10 times longer than it was wide” dimensions of Oumuamua are some details that push him to believe that the peculiar object was something alien. But it was the “excess push away from the sun, that was the thing that broke the camel’s back,” said Loeb. Citing that the sun’s gravitational force should’ve caused a natural space object to move faster as it approached by then pushed it back at a slower speed, instead of simply accelerating as it did.

Ahead of the January 26 release of his book Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, Avi Loeb stated, “If there was a species that eliminated itself through war or changing the climate, we can get our act together and behave better. Instead, we are wasting a lot of resources on Earth fighting each other and other negative things that are a big waste.”

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