Fashion graduates have been struggling in recent times to find jobs and get their work seen by editors. Brands are shuttering, publications downsizing, and much of the world is still slowed due to the ongoing pandemic. Thankfully, 1 Granary, a global support network that connects, promotes, and educates fashion graduates from universities around the world, announced this week the launch of a far-reaching new project solidified across the last six months: Designers to Hire.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we found ourselves deliberating on how we could practically help the Class of 2020,” explains the team behind 1 Granary. “We soon realized that celebrating their final collection is not enough anymore. This generation has had enough of spectacles, Instagram shout-outs, and promotional articles. They’re leaving education and they need to get a job.”

The project has been organized in partnership with Pinterest offering an expansive and extremely easy-to-navigate portfolio of designers based around the world. Employers landing on the boards are able to scout for potential employees, stylists can book requests directly via DM, and recruiters are given unprecedented access to a global pool of talent.

“They don’t sit passively in a corner waiting for a charitable gate-keeper to open a door,” 1 Granary reassures. “These are skilled and knowledgeable workers, reading to contribute to this field and apply their creative problem-solving to many issues facing our industry.”

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